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Empower your employees to return to the office safely with Microsoft Power Apps.


As lockdown begins to ease and we find ourselves in a ‘new normal’, organisations are searching for ways they can allow employees to safely return to work, just not as they know it. Covid-19 has changed the place of work forever and it’s now up to employers to ensure they can monitor staff levels in the office, while allowing everyone to work safely following government guidelines.

At ANS, we’ve been no exception. We wanted to know how our people felt about reopening in the office and the measures they would expect to see in place if it did.

We found that just 30% of people were comfortable with returning to the office, even with new health and safety measures in place.

We decided we needed to take the extra step to ensure that anyone coming into the office, felt they could work safely.

So we turned to Microsoft Power Apps to help us make our office a safe space for everyone to work. We’ve developed an app which employees can use to book a space in the office, managers can use to track office occupancy and housekeepers can use to track office hygiene.


How it works.

Digital Solution Architect, Adrian Woodrup, shares more about why we built the app, how it works, where else it can be used to support other organisations and how it’s gone down at ANS.


Creating the app.

Our Chief Engineer, Nathan Gaskill, explains how he built a Power App in just a few days so that any organisation can leverage to manage occupancy levels in the office while ensuring staff are working safely and in line with government guidelines. Watch the video to see the app in action.



Meet the guy who built the app.

In episode 3 of The ANS Podcast, we spoke to Chief Engineer, Nathan Gaskill (who built the app) and Head of Business Assurance, Danny Johns on why we chose to build this app on the Microsoft Power Platform, how it works, what would happen if there was an outbreak in the office and why important it that we had an app like this to give people confidence to return to the office. 




Want to know more?

Head over to our Use Cases to see how the app can benefit organisations.